World Conference on Transport Research Society


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  • Members have access to a truly international network of transport academics and practitioners, which is the only such worldwide network, with more than 1150 experts interested in transport research, representing over 70 countries
  • A wide variety of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), each dedicated to a specific academic topic from mode specific policy and modelling, to solutions for climate change and disaster resilience
  • A free on-line subscription to the Society’s two Journals: Transport Policy and Case Studies on Transport Policy
  • On-line access to the proceedings of past conferences
  • Liaison with some 30 partner journals, which publish the best conference papers
  • Outreach to international organisations such as the International Transport Forum, World Bank and UNFCCC conferences
  • WCTRS Young Initiatives including the WCTRS-Y Conference, grants awarded to young researchers, and dedicated newsletters and job information
  • Opportunities to contribute to the planning of the World Conference in 2019 through participation in Special Interest Groups and other Society activities

The application form can be downloaded here. Fill in the form and send it to wctrs@leeds.ac.uk.

If you are interested in transport you are eligible. There are no further restrictions and our society appreciates and welcome anyone interested in joining and working with us.

The current membership fees which cover the period to May 2019, are: Students $60 (USD); Members from developing countries $90 (USD); and General membership $150 (USD).

There is a reduced fee for Members from developing countries, and this is currently $90 (USD).

There is a reduced fee for Students, and this is currently $60 (USD).

Payments can be made by electronic transfer as detailed below:

(A) For transfers within the UK, please transfer the appropriate sum using the following:

  • Account name:                 World Conference on Transport Research Society
  • Sort Code:                         40-47-31
  • Account No:                      64652258

(B) For transfers outside the UK, please contact the Secretariat wctrs@leeds.ac.uk for instructions.

The membership fee covers your membership until the next WCTRS conference (currently, until 31 May 2019). WCTRS members have full online access to WCTRS Journals “Transport Policy” and “Case Studies on Transport Policy”. They are eligible to join Special Interest Groups and to use the membership database. They are also informed via e-mail about all WCTRS activities and special events.

The membership ends automatically and there are no hidden pitfalls. The WCTRS Secretariat will contact you before the expiry date and ask if you wish to renew your membership.

You can contact the Secretariat directly at wctrs@leeds.ac.uk to arrange renewal of your membership.  Or alternatively, you can wait until you are advised that your membership is due to expire.  Please note, anyone registering to attend a World Conference is automatically registered as a member of the WCTRS until the following world conference.

As a WCTRS member, you have online access to the WCTRS Journals “Transport Policy” and “Case Studies on Transport Policy”.

For WCTRS members the Journals are available via online-access free of charge.

WCTRS members have free access to the WCTRS membership database. You can find experts using the membership database, e.g. by filtering for special topics or interests. There is no obligation for sharing your personal information in the database.  However, if you decide, not to share your information, you will be not able to search for others.

Every SIG has its own space on the WCTRS web-pages. WCTRS members can contact the SIG Chairs via e-mail to express their interest.

Within the WCTRS nearly all areas of researchers and practitioners are represented. It represents a unique coverage of professionals in transport around the world.


WCTRS members have free access to the membership database. Using the database you can find other experts who are working in your field of interests.

The WCTRS conference will take place every three years.

The WCTRS-Y initiative is managed by Young Members.  Young Members are defined as those who are aged below 35 years on the opening day of the conference.