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WCTRS Privacy Notice

At the WCTRS, we are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy.  This privacy notice explains where we collect your personal information, how we use it and how we keep it safe and secure.  As a valued member of the Society, we will always be transparent about how we use your information, and will only use it in ways you would reasonably expect.  We take data protection very seriously, and make it a priority to ensure that we have the right level of controls and processes in place to keep your personal information safe.

Please read this notice carefully.  By providing us with your personal information, you consent to the use of it in accordance with the conditions of this notice. In keeping with data protection legislation, we will not hold your personal information for longer than is necessary.

We may update this notice from time to time.  If we make any significant changes, we will get in touch to let you know by email, and also highlight the changes on our website and on this page.

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, please email us at [email protected]



The WCTRS is a forum for the interchange of ideas among transport researchers, managers, policy makers, and educators from all over the world, from a perspective which is multi-modal, multi-disciplinary, and multi-sectoral. The Society has become a primary forum for such international exchanges in transport; and the World Conferences are the places where leading transport professionals from all countries and areas convene to learn from one another.

One unique role for the WCTRS is to identify emerging issues and opportunities of a policy, managerial, or technical nature which will influence transportation research, policy, management and education in future years. In this way, the Society and the Conference intend to play a strong leadership role in bridging the gaps between research and practice.

Find out more information about the Society at https://www.wctrs-society.com/



We collect your Personal information both directly and indirectly.  Examples include:


From your completed membership application form

When you log into and update your Personal Information page on the WCTRS website

When you provide it in person or through the post

When enquiring about the Society via email or telephone

When you ask us to share information on events, vacancies and training courses etc that you or your organisation are planning

This information is accessible only to the WCTRS Secretary, General Secretary, the Membership Secretary and IT/Web support unless you agree to share it more widely, by indicating this on your secure Personal Information page. 

Direct information collected in the ways listed below will also be accessible to the WCTRS Steering Committee members responsible for managing these applications or processes:

On applications for a job or volunteering at a future world conference

On applications for the WCTRS-Y initiative

On bids to host a future world conference 


Your information will be shared with us by Elsevier, which is the independent third party contracted to manage registrations for our tri-annual world conferences.  Membership of the Society is one of the benefits of registering for our conferences, and we use the information provided by them to set up your secure Personal Information page on our website.



Personal information is anything that can be used to identify you as an individual. We collect relevant personal information depending on the interaction you have with us, and this might include (but isn’t limited to) your title, name, contact details, organisational affiliation, and which Special Interest Groups (SIGs) you are interested in.

The WCTRS also collects information on gender as part of its Equality and Diversity Plan. This information however is only used to assess, in aggregate, how representative our decision making bodies are of our membership and how this changes over time.



The Society usually communicates with members via email, and we use the information held to provide you with details about events, activities and developments within the Society, and by other groups associated with us.  Our regular news briefings may also include details of work or study opportunities that may be of interest to members.  Such communications include newsletters, news briefings, calls for papers and information on current activities.

If you request that we remove your details from our mailing list, we will confirm when your details have been deleted.  We will not keep any information that we don’t need.  However, your membership of the Society will continue until the appropriate expiry date, and during this period, you will still be able to access and update all the information contained in the Member Area of the WCTRS website.



At the WCTRS, we take data protection very seriously. We make it a priority to ensure that we have the right level of controls, interventions and processes in place to ensure we keep your personal information safe.  Once we have your personal information, we do everything possible to ensure that we have the systems and processes in place to ensure it is stored and/or transmitted securely.

Only authorised staff have access to your personal information.  They receive appropriate training and understand the policies, processes and protocol for keeping it safe.

As detailed above, we use Elsevier for our conference management system, and we have a strict confidentiality agreement in place to ensure that they do not use, share, or sell the personal information provided to them for undertaking this work.



We will retain your personal information as long as reasonably necessary for the relevant activity and relationship you have with us, as well as for any legal or regulatory requirement.  For example, we will keep a record of your membership subscription payment for seven years to comply with UK revenue and customs rules.

Should you decide not to renew your membership at the end of your current subscription period, your details will be deleted within twelve months of your membership expiry date.



Data protection legislation allows you to request a copy of the personal information relating to you which is kept by the Society.  Please email us at [email protected]  if you would like to submit a request.  We will acknowledge such requests upon receipt of your email and provide the required information within one month.

Members can also log into their Personal Information page on the WCTRS website to amend or delete the details held.  However, if you wish to advise us of a new email address, or ask us to stop sending you information or communications, you need to email us at [email protected]  We aim to amend your communication preferences as soon as possible after you make your request, and in any case, no longer than 21 days.



We will regularly review and update our privacy notice at our discretion. Any significant changes to the way we treat your personal information will be made clear on our website and/or we may contact you directly if possible. Any changes posted after these changes or updates will be taken to mean you are in agreement with these changes.

Please ensure you review our privacy notice intermittently, or any time you provide personal information.

This privacy notice was last updated in September 2019. The date of the most recent revisions will appear on this page.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please email us at [email protected]