World Conference on Transport Research Society

WCTRS Constitution

WCTRS is established under Swiss law. Details  are given in its Constitution. The WCTRS General Assembly is formed by WCTRS members and convenes every three years during the WCTR. The General Assembly is the highest authority of WCTRS. It selects the WCTRS President and Steering Committee, and approves the WCTRS budget and activity report. The Steering Commitee (STC) of WCTRS is responsible for setting out the society’s general policies, selection of the next host site of WCTR and selection of the WCTR Conference Directorate (CD) Chairman, nomination of the President and appointment of  members of the WCTR Scientific Committee (SC), approval of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and selection of their managers. The STC is also responsible for approval and monitoring of  WCTR conference organisation, approval of  WCTR conference fees and WCTRS membership subscription and approval of WCTRS and WCTR prizes and prize winners.


The WCTRS President chairs both the General Assembly and the STC. He represents the society in any international meeting or occasion. Furthermore, the WCTRS President convenes the meetings of the STC. He reviews all WCTRS and WCTR publications. These include the WCTRS Newsletters and Membership Directory, the WCTR call for papers, registration forms and conference proceedings. He liaises with the CD Chairman, advising him of the STC’s directions on conference organisation and helping the CD Chairman to solve any problems.


The WCTRS Chairman is assisted by a permanent society secretariat to help him in running WCTRS and WCTR activities. Among the Secretariat duties is following up membership affairs, production of the WCTRS Newsletters and Membership Directory, production of the STC and SCC meeting agendas and minutes, helping STC member(s) who may be in charge of special assignment(s) for WCTRS as well as other logistics and liaison with the WCTR Secretariat.