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WCTRS COVID-19 Task Force

The WCTRS COVID-19 Task Force was established in early April 2020. It aims are to investigate the impacts of COVID-19; to clarify what societies had prepared for such a pandemic; to reveal what measures societies are currently taking to fight this pandemic; to suggest what societies should do after this pandemic; and how to generalize the findings from the above tasks to tackle the next waves of COVID-19 and future pandemics.

WCTRS COVID-19 Task Force Website

WCTR Society Recommendations on COVID-19 Policy Decisions

International e-Conference on Pandemics and Transport Policy (ICPT2020) (Archive)


Task Force Chair

Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Immediate Ex-President of WCTRS; Member of Executive Committee, The Club of Rome; Distinguished Professor & Director, Center for Sustainable Development and Global Smart City, Chubu University, Japan


Task Force Co-Chair

Junyi Zhang, Prof., Mobilities and Urban Policy Lab, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation; Director of Center of Asian Sustainable Mobility Research (ASMO Center), Hiroshima University, Japan; A member of The Engineering Academy of Japan



Tae Oum, President of WCTRS; Emeritus Prof., University of British Columbia, Canada

Werner Rothengatter, Ex-President of WCTRS, Emeritus Prof., Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany