World Conference on Transport Research Society

Andrea Campagna

Organisation: Research Centre for Transport and Logistics, Sapienza University of Rome
Country: Italy

Mechanical engineer since 2001 and PhD in Transport Engineering since 2005, he is currently fellow researcher at CTL – Centre for Transport and Logistics, Sapienza University of Rome. Expert consultant for several EU transport research projects:

  • GIFTS – Global Intermodal Freight Transport System (2002-2004),
  • CyberCars (2002-2004), CyberMove (2003-2005),
  • FREIGHTWISE (2006-2010), X-POSSE (2011).

Expert consultant also for EU MED projects on transport and logistics, such as DevelopMED (2009-2011), Limit4Weda (2010). In 2012 he has been appointed by the Lazio Region Transport Department as Technical and Scientific Coordinator of the FUTUREMED strategic project (2012-2015). He worked on territorial cooperation and development as for transport and logistics, specifically in the APQ Programme ITALMED project (2010-2011), and in the Lazio Region Plan for Transport and Logistics (2008-2009). He carried on several projects on city logistics. Has been lecturing since 2002 as expert in Transport Department, University of Rome Engineering Faculty, on logistics, supply chain management and freight transport. Logistics teacher in masters’ courses, professional courses and in regional courses. Has participated in several national and international logistics conferences.