World Conference on Transport Research Society

Dr. Milan Krbalek

Organisation: Czech Technical University
Country: Czech Republic

Doc. Mgr. Milan Krbalek, Ph.D. is Associate Professor at Department of Mathematics at Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical engineering (Czech Technical University).  He joined the Department in 2002, where he is a senior lecturer in calculus, methods of mathematical physics, random matrix theory, and mathematical modelling of vehicular systems. His research activities are predominantly focused on mathematical background of agent’s systems determined by socio-dynamical interactions.  In his scientific publications he applied Random Matrix Theory, Stochastic Theory of Particle Gases as well as Advanced Theory of Statistical Rigidity, which markedly highlights his emphasis on theoretical aspects of socio-dynamical modelling.  He has published numerous papers in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, Physical Review E, and Physica A.  Some popularization articles summarizing his activities have been published in The Times (London), Discovery (USA), Science News (USA), MF Dnes (Czech Republic), and Quanta Magazine (USA).