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The 15th World Conference on Transportation Research was held 26-31 May 2019, at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India.

Welcome address from Professor Krishna Rao, Director of the 15th WCTR


Presentation 1:    “Options for reducing the carbon footprint of mobility”
Professor Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Honorary President of The Club of Rome and keynote speaker at WCTR2019, is pleased to share a video of his presentation from the conference.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/wy8j2k2d1uv7nme/Ernst.mp4?dl=0

Please click on the links below to view photographs from each of the sessions detailed:

1.  Photographs from the WCTRS-Y Conference can be found at https://www.wctrs-society.com/wctrs-y-initiative/
2_Welcome Reception
3_Opening Ceremony
4_Keynote Lectures
5_Technical and Special Sessions
6_Registration and Session Statistics
7_Cultural Programmes
8_Gala Dinner
9_General Assembly
10_Closing Ceremony
12_Transportation_Technical Visits_Accompanying Person Programme
Prof Lori Tavasszy, Chair of the WCTRS Scientific Committee
Above is a selection of photographs from the Opening Ceremony.  Doctor K V Krishna Rao, Head of Civil Engineering at IIT Bombay and Director of the 15th WCTR welcomed delegates to the conference and introduced keynote speakers.
Above is a selection of photographs from the  General Assembly.  Greg Marsden, Professor of Transport Governance at the Institute for Transport Studies, (University of Leeds), and WCTRS Secretary General, presided over the General Assembly.  Professor Tony May announced the winner of the $5,000 Dupuit Prize, the Society’s most prestigious award, which was generously donated by Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VRef).  The award was presented to Prof Tae Hoon Oum by outgoing WCTRS President, Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi in recognition of a distinguished scientific and professional career which has been of significant benefit to the transportation community.  Other presentations during the General Assembly included those from Professor Lori Tavasszy, Chair of WCTRS Scientific Committee, Professor Rosario Macario, EiC Case Studies on Transport Policy, Professor Antonio Musso, WCTRS Auditor, Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi, WCTRS outgoing President, and Sergio Jara-Diaz, Vice Chair, WCTRS Prizes Committee


Above is a selection of photographs from some of the many technical sessions held during the conference.

The 14th World Conference on Transportation Research was held July 10-15, 2016 by Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

Read the opening address from Prof. PEI Gang, President, Tongji University here:  Prof. PEI Gang’s Opening Speech

Read the welcome speech from President Yoshitsugu Hayashi here:  President Hayashi’s Welcome Speech for 14th WCTR

Read the keynote speech from Jose Luis Irigoyen (Director of Transport and ICT, World Bank) here:  Jose Luis Irigoyen keynote speech

Read the opening address from Dr. Zhuang (Director, Shanghai Municipal Planning and Land Resource Management Bureau) here:  Dr Zhuang-Shanghai Speech

View the Key Findings here:  WCTR2016 KEY FINDINGS

Full details of Prize and Award Winners can be found here.


Click here to see a selection of other photographs from the Shanghai Conference.

The 13th World Conference on Transportation Research was organized on July 15-18, 2013 by COPPE – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 13th WCTR Conference took place from the 14th to the 18th July 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. This is the final report of the conference and presents the final information. The report is divided as follows:

  1. Papers balance
  2. Special Sessions balance
  3. Technical visits
  4. Registration and payments
  5. Bursaries
  6. Prizes
  7. Finances

Romulo Orrico
13th WCTR Chairperson


For more information

The Scientific Report presented at the Closing ceremony can be downloaded here.

The 12th World Conference on Transportation Research July 11-15, 2010, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal.

Welcoming message by Prof. José VIEGAS, Director of the conference

This conference was hosted by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), a prestigious school of Engineering, Science and Technology. IST, created in 1911, is the largest and most reputed school of Engineering, Science and Technology in Portugal, with two conveniently located campuses (Alameda in Lisbon and Taguspark in Oeiras). IST has already adapted its offer to the new European “post-Bologna” standards, offering more than 20 integrated masters programs of 5 years duration, plus a few independent 3-year graduation programs and master programs, along with 21 PhD programs. These include a Master and a PhD program in Transportation, offered in association with the Universities of Porto and Coimbra, in the framework of the MIT-Portugal program. RD in IST is performed in institutes, research centres and research groups, among which CESUR, Centre for Urban and Regional Systems, at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, where the Transport Infrastructure Systems and Policy research area is located.

The welcoming team is an emerging young group of great potential, innovation driven, strongly committed to Transport Research, with internationally recognised Transport researchers and wide and multidisciplinary research spectrum. Its 10 permanent members in charge of research and teaching, plus 15 students with scholarships for Master and PhD courses, usually cover 4 to 5 nationalities. The strong involvement in WCTRS activities of that group was accomplished through active membership and participation in all conferences of the two most senior members since 1998, and also having the Head of our research team as Vice-Chair of the Scientific Committee (SCC) since 1998. Making the 12th WCTR Conference in Lisbon will be of great importance for the networking and boost of the younger generation.

The XII World Conference on Transport Research 2010 in Lisbon has received the formal endorsement of representatives of all stakeholders, namely: Government, Public Administration, Foundation for Science and Technology, Universities, and Transport and Infrastructure Operators.

The conference facilities was located by the Tagus River, near one of the best known monuments of Lisbon, the Belém Tower, and a few minutes away from the city centre, in an area served by many alternative modes of transportation. With functional buildings allowing to hold a maximum of 4,000 people in diversified sets of configuration, enabling flexibility of the rooms, all of which offering sophisticated technical equipment for projection, sound and lighting systems.

To know us better, please visit our site: http://www.civil.ist.utl.pt/nispt (web page of the welcoming team).

Innovation in Transport Research

During the last decades Portugal has been in the leading edge of excellence and innovation in Transport Research and developed considerable infrastructures for research and education in this area. The innovation in hardware software is exemplified by Via Verde (world first closed toll collection system in motorways, operation at normal driving speed), a demonstration project on Intermittent Bus Lanes (ITS for public transport) which produced significant gains of commercial speed for buses, pioneering experience in Public-Private Partnerships, innovative contracts for shadow toll motorways, and crash tests in railway vehicles.

The infrastructure for transport research in Portugal comprises Instituto Superior Técnico (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, IST), Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, ISEG), Faculdade de Engenharia do Porto (FEUP), Faculdade de Engenharia do Minho (FEUM), Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnologia de Coimbra (FCTUC), National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), and a few private companies with RD activity.

About Lisbon

Lisbon is built on hills looking over the River Tagus. Modern and cosmopolitan, it is a great centre of culture and tourism, and a pleasure to discover on foot. Add to that its cultural diversity, laid-back feel and architectural time warp, and you have one of the most enjoyable cities in Europe. Clean skies and the softness of its light are an integral part of the charm of this city. Seen from the river – one of the city’s many great viewpoints – Lisbon is an impressionist picture of low-rise ochre and pastel, punctuated by church towers and domes.

Lisbon is a melting pot of cultures, flavours and spices. Quality of food in general, and of fish in particular, are always referred as special. Several neighbourhoods offer interesting shopping areas of local flavour. Large, modern shopping malls with wide opening hours and easy access by public transport are also very popular. One of the traditional centres of Lisbon’s nightlife is Bairro Alto, with its fado houses, restaurants and dozens of bars and clubs. After the riverside area was remodelled for Expo98, night life in Lisbon gained a new dimension both on east and west fronts.

People who want to get away from the city centre, however, can go with modern railways to Sintra or to Estoril and Cascais, about 30km away, with beautiful landscapes, urban settings and nice restaurants and bars. Lisbon is a city that receives yearly a large number of visitors, both in business and leisure. Its offer of hotels is very strong, in all price categories, including some charming traditional units as well as large ones from most international chains.

Public Transport in Lisbon has recently undergone great improvements and includes underground, suburban trains and ferries, low floor buses and light rail, while maintaining in operation a small set of old tramway lines, among which the famous line 28, one of the icons of the city. Day and Multi-day passes are available to enjoy the full public transport network without hassle.

The 11th World Conference on Transportation Research – University Berkeley, USA,24-28 June 2007

Highlights of the conference By Elizabeth Deakin, Director of the conference

The 11th World Conference on Transport Research was held in Berkeley, California, on the campus of the University of California. This was the first WCTR held in the United States.

Conference attendance topped 1000, with participants from 49 countries.

Nobel Laureate Daniel McFadden was the Keynote Speaker for WCTR 2007. His talk was entitled “The Behavioral Science of Transportation.”

The conference opening session featured welcoming remarks by Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates and talks by Frannie Léautier, World Bank; Randy Iwasaki, California Department of Transportation; and Steve Heminger, Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Nearly 1000 presentations were made at the conference’s 178 sessions.922 reviewed and revised papers were included in the conference CD, from an original pool of 1536 abstracts.

The Séminaire Francophone offered as part of the conference included eight sessions. The séminaire was sponsored by the French Ministère de l’écologie, du développement et de l’aménagement durable, direction de la recherche et de l’animation scientifique et technique (SG/DRAST.)

A special session featuring 38 posters was attended by over 100 participants of the conference, allowing poster presenters to discuss their research in a relaxed and communicative atmosphere.

Participants enjoyed technical tours of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge construction project, San Francisco’s multimodal transportation programs, Bay Area ferries, Google’s campus, Silicon Valley transportation and urban development projects, the Port of Oakland, BART’s transit-oriented development, new technologies at PATH, and walking and biking tours of the City of Berkeley.

Over 150 fellowships were made possible by contributions from sponsors, including the US Department of Transportation, the California Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Bay Area Rapid Transit District, AC Transit, the World Bank Institute, the San Francisco County Congestion Management Agency, and Dowling Associates.

Sergio Jara-Díaz, Marcela Munizaga, Paulina Greeven, and Reinaldo Guerra (Brazil) received the WCTRS Prize for Best Paper for their paper, “The Unified Expanded Goods-Activities-Travel Model: Theory and Results.”

Pattharin Sarutipand and Pablo Durango-Cohen (United States) won The WCTRS Young Author Prize for the best paper by a researcher 35 years old or younger for the paper “Multifacility Maintenance and Rehabilitation Model with Coordinated Intervention.”

The DRTPC Prize went to Antonio Nelson Rodrigues da Silva, Marcela da Silva Costa, and Marcia Helena Macedo (Brazil) for the paper, ” Multiple Views of Sustainable Urban Mobility in a Developing Country – The Case of Brazil.”

A Certificate of Honorable Mention for the WGTRS Prize was given to Eric Verhoef (The Netherlands) for the paper, “Private roads: Auctions and Competitions in Networks.” Rolf Moeckel (United States) won a Certificate of Honorable Mention for the Young Author Prize for the co-authored paper “Simulating Interactions between Land Use, Transport and the Environment.”

At the General Assembly on the final day of the conference, incoming WCTR President Tony May urged members to become active in Special Interest Group activities and the chair of the 2010 conference, Jose Viegas, reminded members of the glories of Lisbon.

The 10th World Conference on Transportation Research – Istanbul, Turkey, 2004

10th WCTR’s Committees

Chairman of the 10th WCTR 2004 Istanbul:  Professor Yücel CANDEMIR

Local Organising CommitteeProgramme Committee
George GIANNOPOULOS Vice Chairman, GreeceFüsun ÜLENGIN Chairwoman
Haluk GERÇEK Conference Co-ChairmanGüldem CERIT 9 Eylul University
Rafet BOZDOGAN Member – IBBMike CRUM Iowa State University, USA
Mustafa ILICALI Member – TBMMVedat DIKER SUNY at Albany, USA
Members from ITU : Özgür KAYALICA, Suat KÜÇÜKÇIFÇI, Lerzan ÖZKALE, Cengiz GÜNGÖRMembers from ITU : Emine AGAR, Ergun GEDIZLIOGLU, Yasemin BIRO, Sule ÖNSEL SAHIN, Y. Ilker TOPÇU, Burç ÜLENGIN, Emel AKTAS, Özgür KABAK
 Vedat VERTER, McGill University, Canada

Conference Summary

Welcome Message From the Chairman of WCTR 2004 Local Organising Committee

Those who have been in touch with the WCTR meetings of the past know well that it is not only a forum of transport professionals of all brands, but it is also a fountain for those who are thirsty of inspiration for planning the future. This is something which the researchers of the Third World need more than those of the Developed World and more than ever so right at this time of the walk of the humankind into the future.

When you come to think that the so-called process of globalization is a fact, a fait accompli, of our time now, then, you should know that the main aim of that process is to maximize the volume of global trade. Then, you have to accept the critical importance of transportation. A recent World Bank report says the effect of transport costs outweighs that of customs taxes. This means well-designed transport policies have an important stake in the destiny of developing countries vis-à-vis the globalization. Here, these countries face one of their most ruthless barriers for progress: lack of research.

To overcome the problems arising from the incompetence of research infrastructure, the developing countries must topple not only the financial barriers, but barriers in the minds as well. This is indeed so, because allocating more resources for research is basically more a matter of preference than a matter of abundance / scarcity – as in all other spheres of the economy. In the case of transportation research, situation is not much different and we can proudly say that WCTR tradition has always offered ample chances to all. This time, in 2004, we took a step further and offer more chances to the developing world. If you look at our website, you will see that there is a great difference between the Registration fees of high and low-income countries. The difference is our offer (as a subsidy) to the low-income countries. Then: why not try to catch the train?

Yücel Candemir
Chairman of the Local Organising Committee

Conference Topic Areas

Registered participants (nationalities can be seen in sheet “list of registered participan 688
Oral Presentation 623
Poster Presentation 18
Oral Presentation (not presented) 205
 Poster Presentation (not presented) 35
Total number of Sessions 213
Average number of Presentations per Session 2.93
Fullpapers received from the authors 679
Fullpapers in the first CD 581
Fulpapers accepted for revised CD 257
Fulpapers accepted for revised CD and approved by authors (by August 24th) revised CD 225

The conditions of publishing the 10th WCTR Proceedings

The decision taken finally for the Proceedings of the 10th WCTR is fourfold : a printed booklet (1) and a CD (2), both including all draft papers as submitted to the conference, will be distributed at the registration at the conference ; a CD with the Proceedings (3) will be published, comprising about 200-250 papers, selected and revised according to the recommendations of the referees ; outstanding papers (not exceeding 50) can also be published in Elsevier journals in form of special issues (4).”

Furthermore, Elsevier (our publication partner) has a Transport Connect website in which the WCTRS forthcoming conference (Berkeley 11th WCTR) is announced.


The 9th World Conference on Transportation Research – Seoul, Korea, 2001

Venue: ASEM International Convention Center, Seoul, Korea

Co-organizers: Korean Society of Transportation the Korea Transport Institute

Conference Topic Areas

  1. Transport Modes
  2. Transport Systems
  3. Planning, Operation, Management and Control
  4. Transport Modeling
  5. Assessment, Appraisal and Scenarios
  6. Spatial and Environmental Economics and Engineering
  7. Transport in Developing Countries
  8. Transport Policy, (De-)regulation, Subvention and/or Investment

WCTR Society and 9th WCTR’s Committees

  • President of WCTR Society : H. Nakamura (J)
  • Chairman of Scientific Committee : W. Rothengatter (D)
  • 9th WCTR Conference Director : Chang-Ho Park (KOR)
  • Co-Chairmen of Local Organizing Committee : Dong-Deuck Cha (KOR), Soo-Young Lee (KOR)
  • Chairman of Local Program Committee : Kyung Soo Chon (KOR)

Conference Summary

The 9th WCTR was held on July 22-27, 2001 at the COEX Convention Center in Seoul, Korea. The conference was jointly organized by Korean Society of Transportation and The Korea Transport Institute.

There were around 750 conference registrations altogether. Among them, 301 are the WCTR-S members, 232 are non-members, 217 are students (among them, 7 are for developing countries, 14 are spouses and 3 for bursaries). Delegates from 51 countries attended the conference.

In Opening Ceremony held on July 23, over 700 delegates attended and there were addresses from Boo Sik Lee, Conference Co-Chairman of LOC, Chang-Ho Park, Conference Director, Hideo Nakamura, President of WCTR-S, Jang-Seop Oh, Minister of Korean Ministry of Construction and Transportation and Kun Goh, Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government. According to the scheduled session program, papers were presented and discussed.

In General Assembly held on July 24, there were reports on various activities of the WCTR-S in Term 1998-2001.

During the conference, more than 500 delegates attended the technical tours and had a useful time to understand the Korea’s transport development and future plans.

In Closing Ceremony held on July 26, Professor Chang-Ho Park, Conference Director of the 9th WCTR, summarized the 9th WCTR conference and expressed sincere thanks to all of the conference delegates. The Prize Award Sub-committee chaired by Professor Peter Bonsall announced the selection of two WCTR prizes, ‘2001 WCTR Prize’ open for all submitters and ‘2001 WCTR Young Prize’ only to authors under 35 years of age. ‘2001 WCTR Young Prize’ was awarded jointly to two papers, ‘Model-Based Multi-class Travel Time Estimation’ by Serge P. Hoogendoorn and ‘Information Reference Model Considering Uncertainty in Decision-making’ by Eiji Hato. ‘2001 WCTR Prize’ was awarded to the paper, ‘A Cell-based Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model’ authored by Hong K. Lo and Szeto W. Y. As the next president of the WCTR-S, Professor Werner Rothengatter made an inauguration speech. Professor Yucel Candimir, Conference Director of the 10th WCTR introduced the 10th WCTR to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2004. Finally, on behalf of the WCTR-S, Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva made concluding remarks on the 9th WCTR and gave special thanks to the members of LOC for the successful conference organization.

Information on ordering the 9thWCTR Proceedings

The Proceedings of the Seoul Conference have been published by September 2003. Hereafter the ordering information for the CD-ROM version.

Bibliographic and Ordering Information for the CD-ROM

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The 8th World Conference on Transportation Research – Antwerp, Belgium, 1998

The 8th WCTR took place in Antwerp, Belgium in July 12-16, 1998. The Conference was organized by the University of Antwerp which is a confederation of three university units :

  • University Center of Antwerp (RUCA)
  • University Faculty of St-Ignatius (UFSIA)
  • University Institution of Antwerp (UIA)

Conference Chair

Professor Robert VERMERGHT (RUCA)
University of Antwerp
Middleheimlaan 1
Tel: 32+ 3 2180 732
Fax: 32+ 3 2180 746

Selected proceedings from the 8th WCTR
Antwerp Belgium, 12-17 July, 1998
Edited by Hilde Meersman, Eddy Van de Voorde, Willy Winkelmans

4-Volume Set, price: US$ 485.50 / NLG 927.00

The themes of the four volumes are :

  • Volume 1: Transport Modes and Systems (incl. shipping, ports, aviation, inland waterways, rail, public transport, freight and logistics, intermodalism, etc.)
  • Volume 2: Planning, Operation, Management and Control (incl. multimodal planning, accidents, traffic modelling, urban transport strategies, road pricing, ITS, etc.)
  • Volume 3: Transport Modelling / Assessment (incl. LOGIT, SP, RP, route choice and assignment models, travel demand, environmental impact assessment, social and economic evaluation, etc.)
  • Volume 4: Transport Policy (incl. socio-economic, environmental, and spatial impacts of transport, energy
    and emissions, cycling, rail privatisation, transport in developing countries, etc.)

ISBN: 0-08-043590-4

Review in the Journal of Transport Geography :
the proceedings of WCTR 8 should be on your bookshelves. They offer the convenience of a triennial one-stop-shop for contemporary transport research … This publication was intended to provide, and potently succeeds in furnishing, a unique meeting place for diverse transport professionals … Excellent papers … these volumes surely represent a cost-effective investment for every transport researcher.
John Dinwoodie, University of Plymouth, in Journal of Transport Geography, Volume 9, 2001

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The 7th World Conference on Transportation Research – Sydney, Australia, 1995

The Proceedings of the 7th World Conference on Transport Research are edited by David A. Hensher, Jenny King and Tae Oum on behalf of the World Conference on Transport Research Society.

4-Volume Set, Hardbound, price: NLG 635.00 , US$ 400.00

  • Volume 1 – Travel Behavior (behavioral modelling, safety, and mobility)
  • Volume 2 – Modelling Transport (traffic systems models, urban models, regional models, and national models).
  • Volume 3 – Transport Policy (transport and land use planning, evaluation, sustainability and the environment, modal specific policy and Asia-Pacific policy)
  • Volume 4 – Transport Management (management and operation of transport businesses, organized into modal themes, freight and logistics, maritime, rail, road and aviation).

ISBN: 0-08-042770-7
2,400 pages

The Proceedings of the 6th World Conference on Transport Research are edited by the World Conference on Transport Research Society.

4-Volume Set, Hardbound, price : FF 600

  • Volume 1 – Land Use Development and Globalization
  • Volume 2 – Traffic, Demand and Network Modelling
  • Volume 3 – Transport Policies
  • Volume 4 – Technology Innovation and Network management

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