World Conference on Transport Research Society

SIG B4 – Urban Goods Movement

Upcoming Events

Details of the next SIG event will be available soon.

Group Objective

This Special Interest Group’s (SIG) objective is to support a network of urban goods movement researchers and encourage the development of new research techniques in this area.


Membership of the Group is open any academic or practitioner with an interest in the subject area. Membership of the WCTRS is encouraged but not required. To join the Group, or for more information, please contact either of the Chairs listed below.

SIG B4 Chair- Michael Browne (University of Gothenburg)

SIG B4 Co-Chair- Anne Goodchild (University of Washington)

What are SIGs?

WCTRS encourages a continuous exchange between experts all over the world and in order to facilitate this exchange of ideas between researchers interested in the same topic area, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been created.