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SIG F4 – Livability and Sustainable Transport

Upcoming Events

Details of the next SIG event will be available soon.

Group Objective

SIG F4 will focus on research that furthers our knowledge on the many linkages between sustainable transport and livability of cities and the policy, planning, design, and engineering interventions that affect these connections. These linkages of sustainable transport to livability may include impacts on: quality of life, equity, social justice; safety, accessibility, affordability, and environmental quality; disaster resiliency; physical, mental, economic, and social well being, etc., and similar other indicators of livability. In general, the preference will be for research that evaluate or inform the development of transportation interventions to improve livability of cities. The SIG will particularly encourage research that are cross-disciplinary or inter-disciplinary.


Membership of the Group is open to anyone who is active and strongly interested in research topics, policies and decision-making processes related to non-motorised transport and liveability. Membership of the WCTRS is encouraged but not required. To join the Group, or for more information, please contact the Chair listed below.

SIG F4 Chair- Ashish Verma (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India)

SIG F4 Co-chair Kazuki Nakamura (Meijo University, Japan)

What are SIGs?

WCTRS encourages a continuous exchange between experts all over the world and in order to facilitate this exchange of ideas between researchers interested in the same topic area, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been created.