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SIG H1 – Transport Policy, Planning and Financing in Developing Countries

Upcoming Events

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Group Objectives

This Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on the multi-disciplinary research of transport policy, planning and financing in developing and emerging countries. The policy aspects cover the institutional capacity; governance structures; capacity building both government and private entities; policy and decision-making practices; and pricing of infrastructure services, etc. The planning aspects cover how well transport infrastructure plans are integrated with overall urban, national and regional plans, as well as the economic plans. The financing aspects cover innovative financing and funding issues in transportation including road funds, cost-recovery from users, public private partnership, and local government finance, including fiscal decentralisation.



Membership of the Group is open to all academics, researchers, industry managers, international donor agencies, government officials and policy makers with research interest in the subject area. Membership of the WCTRS is encouraged but not required. To join the Group, or for more information, please contact the Chair listed below.

SIG H1 Chair- Shinya Hanaoka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

What are SIGs?

WCTRS encourages a continuous exchange between experts all over the world and in order to facilitate this exchange of ideas between researchers interested in the same topic area, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been created.